Jay Chou And also Jolin Tsai With each other

It probably comes as no big surprise to any person that I am the greatest Jay Chou follower on this side of the equator. No, you can not suggest with me on this concern. I am so much of a fan of Jay Chou, I have devoted my life in discovering his every little thing. All of it audios sort of stalkerish but allow me remind you that Jay Chou is the finest musician/showman that has actually ever before set foot on this earth. As well as I recognize that, thus the ‘stalking’, or as I prefer to call it … the intense examination of a wonderful guy’s life.

And as all terrific Jay Chou followers are bound to, I have actually discovered the astonishing amount of time he has showered on his previous fire, Jolin Tsai. Allow me provide you some background, seeing that the majority of you are not as fascinated in Jay Chou as I am. Jay Chou as well as Jolin Tsai were rumoured to be dating … since 2005. The media has actually dubbed them the Dual J and also the rumors have never ever waned. Ever since, every Double J reunion has been blown escape of percentage by the media. The media constantly highlights the each step of the Double J, a lot to make sure that if either among them so much as discusses half of the various other’s name, the information would certainly be around it.

Nevertheless, of late, Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai have been often in call us. In 2013’s surprise Double J dance at Jay Chou’s performance made the media go to pieces and also established fans’ tongues’ wagging over a possible settlement.

And also it seems that it had not been the end. Simply a few days ago, at the Beijing stop of Jolin’s performance, Jay Chou made an appearance once more. It was a preplanned point but it still made followers go delirious over the possibility that something might be happening with these former lovers. That’s where the newspaper article quits.

The second evening of the Beijing show, Jay Chou made yet another look. Keep in mind that special visitors generally just stand for one night. I will certainly be focusing on the 2nd performance appearance making use of screen-grabs from the Youtube video clip to reveal every person that Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai’s partnership might not be as easy as everybody believes it to be.

Jay Chou makes his 2nd look in as many nights, to the shock and also joy of Jolin followers. There need to be something going on here, because Jay was intended to go back to Malaysia to continue filming for his movie.

… while Jolin sexes it up with a pretty revealing clothing. Perhaps for Jay Chou? Who recognizes? However, Jolin’s clothing have never been really modest to begin with.

Jay starts the night off with 今天你要嫁給我 (Wed Me Today). This is possibly the most significant giveaway of a potentially relationship blossoming between them. The means they were taking a look at each other …

… holding hands as well as avoiding gaily …

… and with Jolin relaxing her directly Jay’s shoulder too.

All the timeless signs that these two are obviously in a partnership. However, many can say that given that this is a show, such show and tells of love are virtually regular. This is to develop the crowd, this is to make news. Headings for the next day. As well as understanding just how the media laps up every little thing the Double J combination does, this might effectively work in terms of publicity and also promotion.

Nonetheless, more evidence would surface. Jolin is seen to push Jay away …

… while the track quickly switched over to 說愛你 (Claim I Love You). An additional really noticeable idea to the connection developing between them. Then near the chorus of the track, both came back to centre stage and sat down on … I do not know, a feces? A chair? A prop? Whatever it is …

After that Jay did this …

If you have actually enjoyed the video clip, you would certainly have observed that his putting his arm around Jolin was completely not willful. It was not preplanned. It was an impulsive kind of behavior. You could actually see Jay waiting, as though he was assuming whether to cover his hand around her. Yes, I know. I enjoyed the video clip a great deal of times, fine?

Both would certainly remain to sing as though it was all prepared. Notification that the hand around the shoulder is still there. Jay hesitates to let go. Make note that this remains in front of hundreds of followers in the middle of a freaking show. And afterwards Jolin does the directly shoulder point. Again. As though it was one of the most natural point for her to do.

These two lovebirds have undoubtedly surpassed the stage of being timid around each other as well as other people. I mean, if you could do this in the center of your personal show, understanding complete well that it will be tape-recorded by countless handphones and also cameras and also probably uploaded on Twitter or Youtube, you possibly don’t care concerning people knowing that you’re dating.

Currently, this is the component of the post which really cements the fact that Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai are dating. Consider the complying with screen-grab.

Did you observe it? Yes, his hand is still around her shoulder, yet that’s not the primary thing. Alright. I’ll focus a little bit for you.

Are you seeing it? Are you seeing this? This is near concrete proof that these two are dating. What? You didn’t notice it? Hmmm … maybe you need better glasses. Penalty. I’ll zoom in to the relevant component.

Yes. That is Jolin’s hand hing on Jay’s upper leg. Once again, if you see the video clip, you would have observed that Jolin’s hand automatically transferred to touch Jay Chou. It was most definitely not planned and also absolutely the act of enthusiasts. Up to now, I have actually just seen couples do this. Individual’s hand on woman’s shoulder as well as woman’s practical person’s thigh. Divine moly.

They quickly complete the song and also prepare to leave the stage.

Oh wait, another thing occurs. This …

Jay is clearly quite comfortable with holding Jolin by her waist. This is not a performance on a show stage. This has actually become a quite, very PERSONAL ORGANIZER session in between the two of them. There can be no refuting anything then image. Simply look at him, with his little fifty percent smile as well as her, so glad to be held in his embrace. If these two aren’t dating, I’m a warthog.

As well as just in instance you still have remaining uncertainties, you still do not believe that these pictures prove Jay as well as Jolin are dating … well look at this last photo and all your doubts will be gone. Wiped vacuum.

Can you see just what is happening? Here’s a more detailed look.

Yes. That is specifically just what you are seeing. It’s not photoshopped, it’s as real as the sunlight itself. That is Jay Chou, while holding on ever before so tightly to Jolin Tsai’s midsection, growing a kiss on her forehead. Or instead the side of her head. Whatever, it’s a kiss. A freaking kiss. In the middle of a concert with countless followers. In front of Jolin’s partner, the hilariously called Vivian Dawson.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Jolin’s freaking GUY went to the show also. So go up, went over every little thing I have actually created as well as check out the photos however with the image of Jolin’s SWEETHEART in he mix currently. Made complex? Nah, it’s possibly simply the most awful method of separating ever before carried out by a lady. Imagine enjoying your sweetheart dancing and also singing with her long time rumored sweetheart ON STAGE with countless individuals demonstrating. Picture you are that man, enjoying helplessly as she thoroughly sings ‘I love you’ to an additional man. That’s not cheating behind your back, that’s unfaithful before you with hundreds of individuals viewing. Now envision bad Vivian’s feelings. Sigh … poor man.

So there you have it. Dual J, confirmed to be dating. They will certainly keep denying it yet you can never refute the truth displayed so conspicuously. Video + photos. Dual J, I want you individuals all the happiness worldwide. Currently simply freaking come out and also confess you’re dating.

Jay Chou And also Jolin Tsai With each other?
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