Jolin Tsai exposes factor behind her split with Jay Chou

For the first time, Jolin Tsai ultimately admits her past relationship with Jay Chou and reveals the factor behind their split throughout a radio meeting hosted by Matilda Tao.
Although both did not confess to their partnership, Jolin and also Jay’s romance was a public knowledge in those years. In 2005, an intimate image of Patty Hou and Jay travelling in Tokyo surfaced which resulted in the direct exposure of their romance.
When Jolin faced Jay on the picture, the last rejected his partnership with Patty and stated that “the photo was taken upon every person’s demand.”.
Although constant denial from the person, Jolin thought exactly what she had seen. She said, “I am still thinking about how we can carry on with his relationship. I still can not bear to let it go.”.
The couple eventually parted means after Jay initiated the split.
After the break up, Jolin decided to prevent bumping into Jay during work as well as frowned at the couple, Jay as well as Patty. She took one year to conquer her grieve as well as said, “One of the most bitterness duration ends.”.
Recently, ‘Double J’ finally hide the hatchet and collaborate on stage again. Reinstating their friendship once again, Jolin stated, “I understand his character. It’s more comfortable as close friends.”.
Jolin also revealed that Jay had actually never ever apologised to her on his two-timing. As she stated her past romance, she stated, “It is distressing to be the last one to know. I have never ever remained in such an exaggerating partnership before!”.
Tsai divulged when there was a rumored relationship in between Jay Chou as well as Patty Hou in February 2005, Jolin asked Jay Chou to verify. Yet Jay Chou refuted. When journalists subjected the intimate photos regarding Jay Chou and also Patty Hou buying in Tokyo together, Jolin asked Jay once more, yet Jay still rejected his event.
Jolin claimed she thought exactly what she saw. She felt let down as well as damaged up with Jay Chou although Jay asked her “whether there is any kind of chance for them to continue the connection as he will certainly still miss her”.
Jolin Tsai stated it cost her an entire year to carry on. At the beginning of the breakup, Jolin decided to stay clear of meeting with Jay Chou in the office. She hated Jay Chou and also Petty Hou during that time. Jolin claimed: “It’s awful that I am the last one to understand the fact. I never ever experienced such bizarre love.”.
Currently, Jolin and also Jay are still good friends. “I know his character, so it’s comfortable to be friends with him.” She claimed, though Jay Chou never ever apologized to her concerning his event.

Jolin Tsai exposes factor behind her split with Jay Chou
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