Jolin Tsai for the performance to the United States end up being a gamine selfdeprecating devil training1

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To prepare for the concert Jolin specially flew to Los Angeles in the neighborhood receive extensive dance training each day, can be said to take part in the complete two weeks of the “adversary training school”!

NetEase Entertainment April 12 report “Jolin PLAY 2015 Globe Tour– Taipei Station” Gordon Sector performance will be held May 22 -24, to prepare for the performance Jolin specially flew to Los Angeles, and obtained daily at the local intensive dance training, can be stated to join the complete two weeks of the “devil training camp”! Jolin reveal 8:00 every morning visiting report on time to the dance studio, with 12 professional dancers as much as 14 hrs of dancing method, but noted that each of the dancers dance in mind swiftly, so she had to stay up to date with the progression of others, half have to learn a dancing! The show will certainly also especially Jolin classic dance choreographer once more, simply to provide the followers a big shock but likewise his suffering, we should learn how to dance nearly 25 in two weeks, so Jolin address him large pressure, mind full of dancing in memory, even when taking a bath are also reviewing dancing, even at breakfast the hand will use hand movements recall the evening previously, simply viewing while consuming morning meal Jolin hand side of the swing, very seriously! To bedtime, or proceed initiatives to bear in mind dancing in the mirror, there is no effort distracted keep in mind other points! When the team desire and Jolin show timetable a meeting to go over various other, and finally could not help but let Jolin yelled: “!! My God, to bear in mind the advantages really mind way too much inflation” and started to stay educated Universal Studios in neighboring Jolin, additionally said he was initially planning to get right into the amusement park when there is a good break from neutral, a lot more particularly ready swimsuit, wishing to damage swimming, sunbathing in the busy, think about this week is totally ineffective allow Jolin help but sad: “I feel like” Dayu “in Dayu, obviously lived neighboring theme park, but each time after just unwillingly, as well as various other end of the show, I have to place a phony! ”

And also this concert group schedule of deluxe, consisting of performance production, hardware, supervisors, and so on are global requirements, dancers lineup is a minute of option, each one has wonderful skill, which is not only somebody from the Circle du Soleil, yet virtually Queen is an international superstar concert when expert dancers, including Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake … and more, completely dance around the globe elite division of the General Assembly. In particular, although the major man professional dancer for the mass, however let Jolin most surprised that every man professional dancer at the leap attractive dancing, motions in fact still sexy compared to her; however the pressure should hop When the dance, there is still revealing male daring! So allow Jolin Millia defeats address him, with a smile: “I could not think of his busy timetable to lose despite Professional dancer compared to how it is fantastic, and immediately feel like a tomboy:! Aging mommy is not lost, nevertheless, have to To combat it! ”

Additionally, this performance will certainly be produced as well as there is “the world’s biggest performance promoter,” stated Live Nation cooperation, Live Nation has the world’s 33 countries for more compared to 2,000 musicians produced a minimum of 20,000 performances, including Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Coldplay, U2, Rihanna, Jay-Z … and so on, are superstar range!

Jolin Tsai for the performance to the United States end up being a gamine self-deprecating devil training
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